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  • 4-chamber profile system


    DE-LUX 60


    • 4-chamber profile.
    • Mounting depth – 60 mm.
    • Thermal resistance – 0,71 m2 ·°C/ Wt.
    • Possibility to install multiple-glazed units of 24, 32 mm and single glass of 4 mm.
    • Universal reinforcing in frame, sash and impost profiles.
    • Accessory slot with the distance of 13 mm to the axes meets the European standard.
    • Wide choice of additional profiles.


    Elegant four-chamber profile system OPEN TECK – advantageous combination of environmental and perfect geometry. The optimal balance of price and consumer qualities.


    Benefits of OPEN TECK profile systems:


    • Compatibility of Standard and De-Lux profile systems.
    • Possibility to use the same reinforcement for all three systems (Elit, De-Lux, Standard) – 9х35х20.
    • Wide range of additional profiles. Common additional profiles for De-Lux and Standard systems.
    • Common milling contour for De-Lux and Standard systems.
    • Six types of glazing bead give wide chose of filling.



    PROFILE window and door SYSTEMS OPEN TECK meets the highest standards of quality and the latest trends and market requirements.